Ice cream has never failed to make someone smile and creates an excuse for EVERYONE and ANYONE to enjoy a scoop of whatever flavour they fancy

Our Story

Even though Rochelle got an ice cream maker for Christmas many years ago, it wasn’t until November 2018, after having made her vanilla custard ice cream for 40 of her family members, that her husband, Kyriacos, suggested they start an ice cream business. Rochelle started obsessing over ice cream flavours and even though she knew she had to include the classics, the thought of extraordinary flavours like rosemary & olive oil especially excited her. Family members and friends soon became the tasters and critics and would often ask which flavour is next or when they can come visit to taste.

The purchase of a second machine soon followed and Rochelle now spends her days in her home kitchen, creating and experimenting with flavours that she hopes people enjoy eating as much as she does making it for them.

Our Flavours

Salted dark chocolate

Salt is added into this decadently dark ice cream as it is being churned. The result? A perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Rosemary & Olive Oil

Now… we know it sounds a little weird, but we promise the risk of tasting this ice cream is so worth it! The olive oil adds extra creaminess and with the addition of fresh rosemary sprigs that are infused overnight, one is presented with a dense and oh so fragrant ice cream.

Vanilla Custard

A classic. Vanilla is at its best when it’s infused into a smooth sweet egg-base and then churned to perfection.

Toasted Coconut

Shreds of coconut are toasted to perfection so that every bite of this ice cream leaves you wanting more


For those enjoy a more tart flavour, the addition of zest and juice from home grown lemons is what makes this ice cream so special.


As soon as all the popcorn kernels have popped, they are combined with our sweet base and are left to infuse overnight. The kernels melt away into the base which means the finished product is smooth and delicious!


Our Sweets Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of sweets is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate. Find us in Haartebeespoort.

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